Delicious gluten-free and dairy-free treats & bakes made to order.

Gluten-free bakery goods that are milk free, considering your allergens allowing you to have treats that are delivered to you.

Gluten free and dairy free by post so you can be safe while enjoying cake.


About Us


Not-so-Naughty began as an idea at a point in time when my life was somewhat sour. 

I won't bore you with the details but I will say that I did know I had two passions that I could use to support my family. Education and baking. Tumbled into this reality was the fact that I had, all of a sudden at 30, become intolerant to gluten and dairy. 

This made birthdays and coffee dates somewhat bland as there was never really a gluten free and dairy free option outside of the occasional brownie and vile tasting attempt to make a difficult customer like myself feel included.

Fast forward four years and I have had a successful Kickstarter campaign which has allowed me to explore what I would like  Not-so-Naughty to become. It allowed me to take on many ups and also the downs. Each being a lesson I have embraced to get me where I want Not-so-Naughty to be. I am also fortunate enough to have secured a part-time teaching position which has the right amount of challenge and comfort for me.

I am not just out to provide treats so that people like me can have their fair share of cake but I am also passionate about making sustainable footprints with Not-so-Naughty. I am by no means a saint but I do try to ensure that the packaging that I use is sustainable, I use sustainable practices in the kitchen and my ingredients are sourced with ethical and sustainable ethos in mind.

So, take a look around and I hope to be able to get some Not-so-Naughty treats sent your way soon.

Kirstyn Not-so-Naughty