Cocoa and ginger crispy bites

I have wanted to try these for some time. So, with one child napping and the other busy playing on his own it was the perfect time for a quick soul satisfying recipe that I have wondered about for some time. I love ginger and the crunch of rice crispies but I want to challenge myself to make sweets with less sugar. This is where the dates came in, the addition of cocoa was driven by the memory of chocolate crackles growing up. I would have liked to add vanilla but it was not to be this morning as we … Continue reading Cocoa and ginger crispy bites

Keeping cakes free from gluten, dairy and egg moist.

The first thing I noticed when I started eating cakes free from gluten and dairy was that the options available were often quite dry and crumbled before I even had a bite. In my journey to make a better tasting cakes I began using blended, and I mean pureed texture, quinoa. Now, I tried blitzing dried quinoa and adding to flour before liquids. I tried blitzing and then adding water to the quinoa powder to form a paste. The results were not bad but much preferred the texture of cakes that used quinoa that had been cooked then pureed. See … Continue reading Keeping cakes free from gluten, dairy and egg moist.

Water conscious cleaning

Having fried courgettes much like I would a schnitzel I was left with a good few table spoons of oil. We used to fry a lot more than we do these days and so a bottle of used oil would live under the sink to avoid oil ending up down the kitchen sink into the waterways. I’ve long wanted a funnel but when I had looked previously there were none available or they were priced beyond what I was willing to pay. Having found a bottle in the recycling I decided to make my own funnel and I honestly was … Continue reading Water conscious cleaning