First steps…

So, this is me. My first step into the world of blogging.

How did I get here? Well, this blog is side show of my cake business, Not-so-Naughty.  Not-so-Naughty evolved following what was a rather dramatic time in my life. You know the times where it seems like you and everyone that holds signifcant value in your life just can’t seem to catch a break. Well it was one of those stretches in time and I gave in to the craving for change in my life that my circumstances gave rise to.

I have always been a fan of cake (not really a shock, hey) and without warning at the ripe age of 30 my body decided cake as I knew it was to be digested with ease no more. I can’t remember the specific road I travelled but I landed up being unable to eat dairy and wheat flour otherwise my belly would painfully swell and I would get curious eyes toward my belly. I was newly engaged, but these nasty food babies had nothing to do with the commitment.

So, my calculations take me to 2011 when this all took place and if you have ever tried allergen adjusted cakes you would agree they can be disgusting, right? Things have improved in that world and I assure you in 2011 the taste and texture of said foods was much worse and options were limited.

I have always been stubborn and a perfectionist which actually tied in nicely with trying to find a perfect, works every time gluten and dairy free cake recipe. I found one that I tweaked and tested on friends and family. Several birthdays later I took note of people saying I should sell my cakes and the journey of Not-so-Naughty began. Well, not immediately. Another person had the name but as luck would have it, their ownership of the name would expire in 2015. It did and I honestly have no idea what other name I would even have considered.

So, Not-so-Naughty has a focus on creating treats that are gluten free, dairy free and most recently I have also explored the world of refined sugar free treats. Of course muddled up in my creations has also been the challenge of making satisfyingly tasty vegan treats.

The blog element of Not-so-Naughty I hope to mix up with recipes, food for thought and a bit of eco awareness because let’s give our resources the respect they deserve.

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