Seasonal salad #allotment courgettes

I won’t lie my energy for our newly acquired allotment has somewhat dwindled over the Summer Holidays.

My lively four year old autistic son and his accomplice, his one year old sister, had decided to wake at the LATEST time of 6a.m. Every. Morning. I was assured by the leader of the pack that the sun was awake so they were going to be awake. Hang on! Is that a Frozen quote? Google says it is. How have I just realised this? My husband and I have always wondered where this line sprouted from. Any-who back to the allotment and I will leave sharing my exciting discovery to the morning.

While mine and my husband’s time and energy over summer has been focused on our son, our dear friends, who share the allotment plot with us, have done well and harvested some courgettes amongst other fresh goodies. The first batch they shared were salted, dried, crumbed and fried. While they were tasty it wasn’t enjoyable in copious amounts.

Bring on dinner at Marta and Andy’s (gardeners) and Marta served up a salad of courgette skins, feta, mint, almonds, lemon, mint and olive oil. As well as the usual seasoning of salt and pepper. It was light, crispy and I could have eaten the whole salad bowl full.

Returning home we had already done our groceries for the week so I restricted our version of the courgette salad to what we had in stock at home.

The gifted courgette was dutifully peeled until I got to the seeded centre. We haven’t yet decided what to do with the centre, so suggestions are welcome!

Next almonds were replaced by 1/2 cup of toasted walnuts, feta was replaced with 1/4 cup of grated cheddar, freshness was amplified with some pear peelings (skin+flesh). Finally the lemon dressing had the usual lemon, olive oil and seasoning plus an added kick from some allotment grown garlic coutesy of Marta & Andy once again.

What can I say? We enjoyed the adapted version and we are looking forward to a second attempt, and perhaps another tweaked version, using the spare courgette resting in our fridge!

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