Keeping cakes free from gluten, dairy and egg moist.

The first thing I noticed when I started eating cakes free from gluten and dairy was that the options available were often quite dry and crumbled before I even had a bite.

In my journey to make a better tasting cakes I began using blended, and I mean pureed texture, quinoa. Now, I tried blitzing dried quinoa and adding to flour before liquids. I tried blitzing and then adding water to the quinoa powder to form a paste. The results were not bad but much preferred the texture of cakes that used quinoa that had been cooked then pureed. See the picture above? That oozy drip that you would normally get with regular flour is achieved with the help of quinoa and also a pinch of xanthium gum.

My second tip is add about a teaspoon of water extra to recipes and let the mixture sit for at least thirty minutes. Think of your grains of flour as a sponge. Not a fresh out of the packet sponge but one that has been left to dry and become rather solid. Put the sponge into water and it is going to take some time before the water begins to get absorbed by the sponge. Those super dry gluten free flour blends work much the same. I find. Gluten free flour is dry and so needs a bit of patience when working with it. Trust me. Try a bit of extra water and adding some resting time.

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