Not-so-Naughty is on a continuous journey and has taught me so much already.

The idea is the result of being suddenly intolerant to wheat and dairy products in my late 20’s and being dissatisfied with what was available.

Fast forward a good five years or so and I had developed a sound recipe that my friends and family enjoyed and kept telling me to sell my cakes.

In 2014 my mum died of brain cancer and while her death was hard to bare, I was most sad about her life being cut short.

My parents were nearing retirement. They had grandkids to enjoy and a world to explore. They had plans. It still breaks my heart to think she missed out on relaxing and seeing the world after working so hard to raise five children with my dad.

My mum was a worrier, a very anxious decision maker and before her death she had mentioned she had regrets and would have done things differently. Knowing this reignited my life philosophy – there’s no harm in giving something a go, if you don’t enjoy it, take the lessons learnt and move on. I don’t want to live with regrets.

My mum was also passionate about respecting the environment and I grew up using the most effective ecological cleaning products that my parent’s could find in Australia at the time. This has fed into the sustainable side of Not-so-Naughty being developed.

Sure, I have made mistakes along the way and have a suitcase full of lessons which made me want to give up.

Then in 2017, as I was about to give up, my son was diagnosed with moderate autism. I was a special needs teacher and I couldn’t justify working full-time teaching when my son would need me. Not long after this the creative and inspiring owners of Busy Buttons Design Studio tried my product and rebuilt my confidence and also¬† offered great advice. So, for now at least, the Not-so-Naughty journey continues while I still teach part-time.

So there’s the backbone of Not-so-Naughty for you. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer you, we really are passionate about providing products of good quality, ethically sourced and promoting sustainability.


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